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  • apparatus for manicure
apparatus for manicure
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Recommendations on the choice of the device for manicure

     On the market of professional devices for manicure/pedicure there is a huge variety of devices from different manufacturers. In this article we will look at those models that can use manicure/pedicure in their work, devices simple domestic purposes is presented in the home appliance stores and pharmacies and such detailed examination is not required, as they are thin and improper use involves no risk of damaging the nail and skin. With professional cutters is a different story, their use is possible only after training in special courses hardware manicure/pedicure, otherwise the incorrect use of cutters, compliance with the speed of treatment can cause significant damage to the nail plate, skin side rollers and cuticles.

So, the main characteristics of the performance of the device that you need to know when choosing:

1. Power is measured in Watts, the minimum power for the professional should be at least 15 W (this power is only enough to perform manicure/pedicure), a higher power level in devices up to 120 W which can be easily performed and manicure and pedicure on the stream,
2. The speed of rotation of the handle-motor is measured in thousands of revolutions per minute, usually for masters from 15 thousand rpm to 35 thousand rpm, revolutions are needed primarily for the treatment of skin side rollers and cuticles (from 5 thousand to 10 thousand rpm) and to remove the coating cutter up to a maximum of 30-35 thousand.,
3. The torque of the handle motor in Newton centimeters, this characteristic is specified by well-known manufacturers and characterizes how the machine will rotate the cutter when applying pressure on it,
4. The presence of speed controllers and reverse switch button,
5. Weight and compactness of the device,
6. Easy change of cutters, easy clamping mechanism of cutters,
7. Low noise,
8. No vibration.

Devices are now usually represented by manufacturers from Korea and China.
      For a novice master, it is important to combine low cost and optimal combination of technical characteristics, as well as the compactness and portability of the device, if you have to work on the road. 
The cutters included with this unit do not correspond to the quality required for full-fledged work, so the master should choose them separately, according to the need and individual skills of working with the unit

There are also devices of high power up to 120W, with a built-in vacuum cleaner, which can be claimed by beauty salons with a high flow of customers, the disadvantages of these devices are their large size and weight and high cost of 40,000 rubles. and above. 
Every master in the end picks up the device exclusively for themselves and their needs in work. And each cutter has advantages and disadvantages that should be evaluated when buying, because this investment is probably one of the largest especially at the beginning of the master's path.

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apparatus for manicure

  • 2,300.00 руб.
  • 1,950.00 руб.


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