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Electric manicure and pedicure kit: how to use, choose

Electric manicure and pedicure kit: how to use, choose

Good day, dear visitors of our site. Who does not dream of attractive nails! Until now, you could only get a stunning look of nails in nail salons, which was quite expensive. But now buying a set for manicure and pedicure electric, bring your nails in order at home is not difficult.

What is meant by an electric manicure and pedicure kit?

Under the electric set, which is used for manicure and pedicure procedures, it means a mobile device that allows you to fully care for the girl's nails. This device is easy to perform the same manipulations that are performed by a professional in nail salons. Accessories for the device are represented by several interchangeable cutters and several speeds for beginners.

Some devices come with useful accessories in the form of a mini vacuum cleaner or UV lamp. The purpose of most sets that are offered by manufacturers is to process nails on both hands and feet. Of course, there are rare cases when the price of these sets is equal to devices that are focused on multifunctional applications.

Using the kit according to the instructions allows you to say goodbye to rough skin of the feet, achieve the desired shape of the plates, make grinding of the nails, and achieve their evenness.

What advantages does it have?

Everyone knows that the processing of marigolds can be carried out with standard simple tools-files and wire cutters, but not everyone is familiar with the information not only of their correct choice, but also of their application.

Therefore, the set for manicure and pedicure procedures has the following advantages:

-working with plates of both natural and artificial origin;

-processing the surface of the nail inside, which grows back;

- cuticle removal without pain and without damage;

-getting smooth feet by getting rid of corns and calluses;

the exception of steaming the skin. This is especially true for pregnant women, since

-in their position, you can not steam the skin;

-availability of additional components in the form of cutters, allowing them to be used for additional procedures;

- save time on visits to beauty salons and selection of nail files;

-an affordable price that pays off if the set is used constantly.

What components is the set equipped with?

On the market, there are many offers of kits from manufacturers that differ in cost, number of cutters, and quality.

So, the main attachments are the following in the form of:

- a large cone. It helps to carry out the processing of rough areas of the dermis, gets rid of calluses, it can be used to carry out the grinding of the dermis.

-cylinder's. Used for pedicure manipulations on the toes of the feet;

- small cone. Removes the nail that has grown, as well as rough areas on the dermis.

- grinding mill. Will Polish your nails and make them Shine;

- small disks. They easily manage to file plates of various thickness.

The disk is selected depending on the thickness of the plate.

- tips for getting rid of rough dermis. They can be used for processing plates on both hands and feet. For the latter, the nozzle should have a large grain, for processing the palms – less.

-cuticle spatulas. It is used to push and lift the cuticle. In no case should the spatula be under the skin – this is fraught with injury.

Which set should I give preference to?

Before you buy such equipment, you need to find out information about the set for manicure and pedicure electric, how to choose it.

Various companies offer a variety of devices for taking care of feet and hands.

They have their own characteristics in that they are more mobile and easy, they help to conduct procedures in special preparation. Basically, they have differences in the number of components included in the set.

So, the set is selected based on these parameters:

-the character of the model. If you process your own nails, you will not need professional equipment. It is when using a household appliance that no problems will arise. If you ignore this recommendation, you will not be able to avoid significant damage to the plates and damage to the dermis. The device designed for home purposes has a number of revolutions – 5000.

- quality of plastic. Devices can be of various designs and colors. But you must definitely ask about the quality of the plastic that served as the material for the set. A high-quality material can have an impact on the service life, but also on how safe the device is in operation. It is better not to succumb to provocations in the form of timid offers with a low cost and unverified manufacturers, such a purchase in the future may go sideways.

-testing the device during the purchase process or immediately after it. It is necessary to understand the convenience of the device in use, whether it fits in the hand, whether it does not vibrate during operation. There should be no feeling of discomfort, otherwise you will soon have to give up working with it.

-constant rate of turnover. This parameter is also significant. You should find out how powerfully the air is blown when the speeds are switched.

-You should definitely find out information about technical characteristics, and conduct an analysis with similar proposals.

- warranty card. The purchase of any device is not complete without providing a warranty period. The higher this indicator, the longer the device will last. A guarantee should be given in any circumstances, and in the absence of it, you should think about the quality of the equipment and the authority of the manufacturer.

- the composition of the device. The consumer will have to use the device, which means that they should be satisfied with what is included in the set. If he prefers a set with many functions with an ultraviolet lamp that dries nails, has a vacuum cleaner, a fan and a variety of cutters, then no one will blame him.

-the number and quality of cutters. Usually the set includes from 2 to 8 cutters. It is important not only how many cutters are in the set, but also what quality they are. If they are not used, then you should not buy such a set. Some cutters may be repeated. The optimal solution will be a set of nail files in the form of a cone, files to get rid of calluses, discs for nails and for polishing them.

- quality of cutters. It is undesirable to purchase them from non-solid steel, they will quickly become unusable and blunt. Cutters with diamond or sapphire coating will not harm the plates.

- set price. Do not buy models that differ in cheapness, the material for them can be inexpensive plastic, you may feel vibrations during manipulation.

- number of revolutions. Earlier it was said that the number of revolutions should be no more than 5000. But this figure may be even lower. The correct choice is to prefer a device with a power of more than 1500 rpm.

-mains supply. You should not choose a model with a battery. It can only last for one time, and the battery will require constant charging.

-the presence of the reverse. When filing the plates, you can apply a reverse, since the nozzle can have rotation in one direction and in the other.

- speed adjustment. When purchasing, you should give preference to a model with smooth switching speeds.

What cutters are included in the set?

The cutter is suitable for manicure and pedicure sets, there are:

- ceramic. Designed for various manipulations with the skin, but can not provide high-quality processing of the plate. The material for them is the composition of the adhesive substance and abrasive. According to the grain size, these cutters are divided into small, medium and large.

-diamond. Cutters of this type are sintered and deposited.

- metal. Solid metal is used for manufacturing.

- silicone. They differ in different shapes and graininess. During operation, there is a systematic reduction of the nozzle, but it continues to function until it is completely erased.

-Cutters of this type are intended for polishing and grinding.

- natural polishers. They are represented by brushes or disks made of suede, felt, and cotton fabrics.

Are there any electrical devices for a pedicure?

In addition to models with mixed functions, you can buy an electric pedicure kit.

These devices are equipped with the same cutters as multifunctional sets, only the cutters are more abrasive. The kit for such sets may include additional cutters for grinding the dermis and nails.

Choose the right set for pedicure electric reviews will help.

How do I work with a manicure and pedicure kit?

Before using, read the instructions for the manicure and pedicure kit, how to use it, and study each cutter.

Then you can perform the procedure itself. Here are some recommendations for using a set for pedicure and manicure.

-Before using the device, it is not necessary to soak the plates on the hands

- and feet. If you like the process of steaming, then this action can be performed at the end of all manipulations with the nails.

-The beginning of work should be carried out with cutters with a small grain. The device must operate at a low speed. You will not be able to increase it immediately, after a full study of working with the device.

-It is not recommended to use the device on areas of the dermis with damage. It is necessary to wait until the skin is regenerated, and then perform the procedures.

-Requires processing of cutters after any manipulations. Disinfection is convenient to carry out using Cologne or alcohol.

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