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Пузырьки в гель лаках

Air bubbles in the base, top and gel varnish Fiore.

 A common situation is when you find these undesirable air inclusions in a gel varnish, base or top coat. Air bubbles are a pretty common topic of discussion manicurists on the forums. The reason for this is the complexity of the coating. Because if you do not notice and not removed in time, the inclusion of air in the gel, during drying in the lamp, it will burst and it will be something like "crator volcano" only of microscopic size, which break the evenness of the coating and are then difficult to align it again. Let's analyze the causes of bubbles in the gel varnish, base and top.

Bubbles in a colored gel varnish coating

 If you saw bubbles in color gel varnish Fiore, then there are two options or it is quite fresh and recently bottled gel varnish, as well as while it was transported there was a shaking of the material, or it was shaken specially in the hope of mixing the pigment in the gel. The presence of bubbles in the gel varnish Fiore does not mean that it is of poor quality. To become a homogeneous consistency, it needs to stand or warm up to no more than 40 degrees and slightly twist the bubble vertically in his hands, shake and shake it is not necessary, as this will lead to even greater formation of new bubbles. When applying a colored coating Fiore should pay special attention to the presence of bubbles in the coating, especially eating before you observed them in the bottle, they are very prevent the master to make a smooth perfect coating.

The bubbles in the bases and tops

Bubbles can often be seen in the bases and tops, especially in rubber(rubber) bases and tops, which are now popular, as simplify the work of the master in the alignment and strengthening of the nail plate. The consistency of such coatings is thicker, and viscous, as well as more elastic and bubbles in it to form simply, but will be released back on the contrary – difficult. For masters, this material is just a godsend, as the wearing of the coating can sometimes be limited only by the desire to do something new. Base rubber Fiore must be applied correctly – the first layer of thin rubbing, the second – leveling, with the top that the base brush should go parallel to the nail, no unnecessary movements should not be

How to prevent bubbles in gel lacquers Fiore

How should you apply bases, tops and gel varnishes to avoid bubbles? Here are the basic rules of selection and use of gel coatings:

1.      It is advisable to combine all coatings base, top and gel Polish of the same manufacturer, the more movements when applying, especially in different directions, the more likely the formation of bubbles

2.      The brushes in the bottles is to take care of them and gently pressing on the edge of the bottle, preventing tangled and razmernogo of the pile, within which again the air. For applying base, you can use a single flat brush.

3.      The bottles of gel varnishes Fioreнужно store in a vertical position.

4.      No need to shake and shake the gel Polish, base and top Fiore, otherwise it only contributes to the formation of bubbles

5.      If you see the bubbles on the newly applied coating Fiore before drying in the lamp, then they can get rid of carefully bringing them to the free edge of the nail edge of the brush

6.      If you see a large concentration of bubbles in the vial, it is necessary to lower it in the water for 15 minutes, pre-heating it to 40 degrees.

7.      It is necessary to use materials of Fiore within the above expiration date.

Now on the market gel varnishes presented a large number, but any material will appreciate its capabilities in the hands of a true master who will use it for its intended purpose. Successes and new discoveries!