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Starter set of gel varnish manicure

In this article we will not talk about accessories, tools, and all that is necessary for the master to start his career. Pro means sterilization, manicure cutters, apparatuses, wire cutters and other tools you will read in other articles. The task of this article will help novice masters to understand how much you need to buy the master of the working material, namely gel Polish to start working in conditions of limited opportunities while not experiencing discomfort in the work.

    So, the master of manicure is a person not much different from the artist drawing with oil paints. There are 7 main colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple) and also black, white, color "Magenta" (dark pink), ochre (dark orange-yellow or often called mustard color) – these are the main colors that should be the master, so he could draw pictures on the nails, and they should also be the basis for further expansion of the color palette, which will be interesting to the client and facilitate the work of the master excluding additional mixing colors. It is necessary to mention that the master of manicure can mix gel varnishes of one manufacturer to achieve some desired color, which for example, he simply does not, but it is time-consuming, requires a fairly large amount of material to be enough to make a coating on all nails, otherwise the second time mixing, the desired shade can not be achieved. It should also be taken into account in the choice of colors seasonality (for example, in the winter customers prefer darker shades and sequins, and in the summer light and floral patterns), fashion trends, running colors from customers (among the running colors can be distinguished Nude shades, flesh beige and muted pink, calm lilac, red shades – classic, cherry and Bordeaux, light blue, dark blue, dark green, mint shades, from shiny gold and silver, to lilac and pink sequins, light beige and dark brown shades, dark purple and smoky plum colors, gray shades as companions with other colors are very needed).

Consider a selection of color palette on the example of our company Fiore:

Base color:

1. White - gel lacquer Fiore №189 White flower (White Flower)

2. Black – gel Polish Fiore №188 Vlack night (Black Night)

3. Red – gel-lacquer Fiore №002 Coral song (Coral Song), as well to expand the color gamut of red shades, you can choose:

• gel Polish Fiore №080 Aventurine (Aventurine),

• gel Polish Fiore №302 Marsala (Marsala),

• gel lacquer Fiore №308 Flame (Flame),

• gel Polish Fiore №288 Neon orange (Neon Orange),

• gel Polish Fiore №276 Royal red (Royal Red),

• gel Polish Fiore №090 Ruby wine (Ruby Wine),

• gel Polish Fiore magnetic №406 Shining Sunset (Shining sunset) – popular cat's eye

4. Orange – gel Polish Fiore №195 Exotic papaya (Exotic Papaya), as well to expand the color gamut of orange shades, you can choose:

• gel lacquer Fiore №202 Neon Exotic Orange (Neon exotic orange),

• gel Polish Fiore №288 Neon orange (Neon Orange),

• gel lacquer Fiore №194 Batalla de las Flores (Battle of colors)- calm orange-pink shade,

• gel Polish Fiore №064 Lidya rose (Lydia)

5. Yellow – here the most likely two colors classic bright yellow for drawing design gel Polish Fiore №014 Yellow river (Yellow River) and yellow calm shade for preferences in the main coating gel Polish Fiore №300 Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada), as for the expansion of the base possible neon shade – gel Polish Fiore №197 Neon lemon (Neon Lemon)

6. Ochre gel Polish Fiore №285 Amber (amber)

7. Green – gel Polish Fiore No. 303 Young wood (Young Wood) – the dark green, to make drawings more vivid - gel Polish Fiore No. 051 Оlive tree (Olive Tree), gel Polish Fiore No. 018 Lawn green (Green Lawn), populonia mint summer shades – gel Polish Fiore No. 042 spring Magic (Magic Spring), gel Polish Fiore No. 045 Turquoise heaven (Turquoise Heaven).

8. Blue – gel Polish Fiore №027 Blue dream (Blue dream), it is also worth considering to expand the palette – gel Polish Fiore №278 Azure (Sparkling azure) – blue with shimmer, a more complex color with the addition of purple but quite popular gel Polish Fiore №112 River of time (River of time),

9. Blue – gel Polish Fiore №029 Deep sea (Sea depths), gel Polish Fiore №150 Indigo (Indigo) – blue with a shimmer – two running colors required in the basic part of the set of the master, can be considered for the expansion of the color range of gel Polish Fiore №111 Color of rain (rain Color) – blue-purple shade,

10. Violet - gel-varnish Fiore #242 Dream of music (Dreams about music), Fiore #291 Amaranth (Amaranth) – dark violet, gel-varnish Fiore #121 Purple lilac, Fiore #115 The sea and violin – light-violet. All these colors are quite running and take place in the set of the wizard

11. Pink colors (including Magenta) – occupy a special place as well as red shades in the chassis, they should be enough in the set to attract customers with a good color palette.

*light pink Fiore №284 So pink, Fiore №232 Favorite nude, Fiore №283 Pearl shell – mother of pearl,

*hot pink - Fiore #116 Girly Fantasies, Fiore #057 Pink hyacinth, Fiore #058 Fuchsia, Fiore #056 Pink coral, Fiore #071 Spirit of Freedom, Fiore #234 Pink daisies, Fiore #272 Tender petal

*muted pink - Fiore №120 Pale mauve, Fiore №020 Ash rose.

Next, consider the groups that are not included in the main circle of colors, but are necessary for the master because of the demand and popularity for them:

12. Nude shades - Fiore №082 Slow dance, Fiore №083 Light cocoa, Fiore №096 The ruins of the castle, Fiore №351 Tenderness of the rose, Fiore №354 Cherish you, Fiore №356 Favorite,

13. Brown shades – dark brown - Fiore №208 Cherry fantasy, Fiore №209 Dark tin, Fiore №097 After dark, Fiore №191 Dark cocoa,

Light brown - Fiore №021 Old lace

14. Shades of grey - Fiore №243 Cocoa Without Milk (dark)

15. Sparkles - Fiore №185 Sparkling gold (Large gold), Fiore №501 Sparkling Champagne (pinkish hue), Fiore №508 Chic mocha (bronze dense color), Fiore №579 Fantastic brilliance (dense silver), Fiore №582 Fiery nud (nyudovo-gold), Fiore №174 White quartz (large silver-holographic sequins), a popular shade of red sequins in dark cherry-based - Fiore №217 fiery lava.

Summing up the results of this article I want to say that for the comfortable work of the master it is necessary to buy the colors of gel varnishes from 45 to 65 pieces and, as necessary, replenish and update the base part. There is no limit to increase the size of the color scheme, and replenishing it, we become more attractive to our client, and the possibilities for design becomes a great variety, limited only by the framework of our imagination. Creativity and new ideas, and the best customers to You!