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Where to buy materials for manicure wholesale.

Many people ask this question when they open a store, a manicure school or a beauty salon.

The easiest way to find suppliers in your city, so You can always buy products quickly and in the right amount.

But how and where to buy products more profitable, this is the question many ask after some time, when they understand that the prices of the supplier in their city are not so small.

The search process identifies the main options

1 wholesale bases

2 online stores

3 wholesalers

Consider all the options, for example, buying from suppliers from wholesale bases, You will not have any guarantees for the goods, no certificates and the quality of products will be the lowest possible, all this causes a lot of problems in the process of working with them. The second option is online stores, there is a guarantee, there is a choice of different product quality, but the margin is significant. As for wholesalers, it is not very convenient to work with them because of the narrow specialization in products, for example, it is either only equipment, or only gel varnishes, or only jewelry, i.e. You will have to buy from many wholesalers.

Recently, so-called intermediaries from China have also appeared. The disadvantage of cooperation with such organizations is that you need to pay for the entire party now, and it will arrive only in 1-2 months, i.e. it is a freeze of working capital.

Again, in what form you will receive the party and how much marriage it will be only Your risk.

What we offer You:

1 Selection of products, you can buy from us and equipment and materials and gel varnishes.

2 the price of our products is more interesting, because we buy directly from the factories, bypassing a lot of intermediaries, wholesalers and other elements of the chain.

3 the Quality of our products is very high, because we buy in large quantities, pre-testing products, if we buy a bad batch, we will not be able to sell it to anyone.

4 Products are available, You can already sell them, and not wait and hope.

Now you can order anything on the Internet, our service is designed for both wholesale and retail customers, there is enough stock for everyone. In addition, working with factories, we can bring to order any product, any quantity.

Why is it convenient to order on fiore-rus.ru " what?"

Because the order is made very simply, as in a normal online store, and the prices are assigned depending on the volume of the order, i.e. You see the actual prices for the desired volume of purchase, after authorization on the site.

If you are making a wholesale order for manicure materials for the first time, we will recalculate the prices depending on the volume of the order. You just need to place an order on our website www.fiore-rus.ru then our Manager will contact You and recalculate the order at the wholesale price.

You can be in any city, any country, it does not matter, it is only important to specify Your address for delivery of the order, then we contact You and select a convenient delivery method.

Why do we have cheap wholesale prices ?

Because we buy directly from factories and sell directly to customers, without intermediaries.

Why do You have such a low margin ?

We earn sales volume by making a turnover. If we earn on the margin, it Will not be Profitable for you to buy from us, this is the main factor determining the price.

Why should we order from You ?

No one owes anyone anything, if it is profitable for You, then such questions simply do not arise.

How to open a shop all for manicure in your city ?

It is very simple, you make an order with us, then we deliver it to you by any transport company, You put it up for sale.

Why is it profitable to order from You ?

Because we buy directly from factories, without intermediaries, at the best prices and large volumes. You can also try to buy directly from the factory, but You will need to freeze working capital at the time of delivery, production of the party, etc., and such a large number of products You just do not need.

From this we can conclude why retail prices are lower than elsewhere for the same reason, because we take large quantities and directly from the factories.

Everything is quite simple, You can continue to work with different suppliers, overpay or buy everything from us, even if this product is not presented here, we will bring it for You.

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