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How to order


1 Select products to order

2 Click on the picture of the basket and go to the cart for ordering

3 Check the positions of the order and if you need to adjust the order (add or remove the required amount)

4 Next, specify the data for the delivery of the order (address, contact details, name)

5 Choose the delivery method

6 Choose a payment method (add a comment if necessary)

Payment method Visa, Mastercard 

For citizens of the Russian Federation, because this method of payment passes through the system Yandex money, which does not accept cards not imitated in Russia.

Choose a payment method Visa, Mastercard

Click confirm order

PayPal payment method

Press the button to confirm the order

There is a transition to PayPal to pay for the order

After payment, your order is automatically transferred to the shipment, after departure, we inform you the number of departure to track the delivery of the order.

Payment on delivery is made when placing the order imposed by way

If you specify shipping Methods

By mail of Russia (cash on delivery)

SDEK courier (cash on delivery)

Point of delivery SDEK (cash on delivery)

In this case, payment is made upon receipt of the order.

If You are having difficulty paying the order, You can place your order cod (cash on delivery) or inform us about a problem when ordering and we will solve it.

Also You can place an order in any convenient way

phone 8-800-250-52-31

send an email info@fiore-rus.ru

Or you can write us on social networks

VC https://vk.com/fiore_rus

instagram https://www.instagram.com/fiore_rus/