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  • Abrasive cap 16x25mm 120 grit
Abrasive cap 16x25mm 120 grit
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  • 15.00 руб.

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Appointment: for processing skin of feet

Diameter: 16mm

Shape: cylinder rounded.

Abrasive: 120grit medium

Abrasive emery sand caps-nozzles are used with hardware pedicure. Sand caps are perfect for sensitive clients and clients with foot skin diseases (diabetic foot, eczema, dermatitis, etc.).

The caps have a plastic frame of an ideal cylindrical shape, on which an abrasive is applied in an even layer. This avoids the slightest vibration of the nozzle during operation and increases customer comfort during the procedure. Abrasive caps provide a soft, delicate cleansing of the foot from rough skin.

For whom:

- for clients with increased sensitivity

- for problematic foot: ulcers, dermatitis, diabetic foot

- for maximum customer comfort, vip service in salons and spas

- for young clients with unexpressed keratosis

Processing: feet, toes, side rollers, corns.

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Abrasive cap 16x25mm 120 grit

  • 35.00 руб.
  • 15.00 руб.


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