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What you need for a manicure gel polish list

1 what you need for manicure gel polish list

list for manicure gel polish

Today, every girl can do a high-quality manicure at home. Just a desire and a little perseverance is enough. Some even turn the acquired skills into a small home business. But first you still need to buy the necessary materials.

The initial price may be slightly shocking. However, do not forget that 80% of what was bought at the very beginning will serve faithfully for many years. Therefore, the investment will pay off, and the hands will delight with a neat manicure with gel polish at any time.

A list for novice masters


Several gel varnishes with a liquid for removing,

Nail files, grinding blocks,


Top and base,


Cuticle removal devices,

Disposable napkins without lint,

A tool for removing the sticky layer.

Let's look at each of the items in more detail:

Buffs (grinding blocks) and saws

The sanding unit is responsible for leveling the nail plate and preparing it for manicure. Looks like a nail file, but softer in structure. Sometimes it is used to remove gel polish.

The file is designed to correct the nail plate. It can be of different shapes, stiffness and purpose. For example, for extended nails, you should choose a rougher surface. Whereas a natural nail plate requires gentle care and a delicate file.

Cuticle removal products

It all depends on the specific methodology. There are masters who push back the edge with an orange stick and cut off the skin with scissors. Someone carefully cuts off the skin with a device. In any case, cuticle removal devices will be needed by everyone without exception.

Lamp for drying gel polish

The most expensive item on the list. But also one of the most important. It is the lamp that is responsible for the durability of the coating. The main indicator of the lamp is power. There are 3 types in total:

1. UV lamp. The most inexpensive available. The maximum power is 36W. The drying time of the gel polish is at least two minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk of not drying the coating.

2. LED lamp. A more modern model that has reduced the drying time of the manicure to half a minute. Comfortable, economical, does not dry the skin of the hands when working.

3. Hybrid. The most expensive lamp in existence. At the same time, it advantageously combines the advantages of the two above-mentioned models.

Gel polish

There are a great many varieties of gel varnishes. Nude, pastel, reflective, magnetic, neon, with glitter, shimmer, designed for different seasons... A novice master can run his eyes from such abundance. For home use, three gel varnishes will be enough for the first time. The rest can be bought later.

Gel Polish remover

Ordinary acetone will not work here. To remove the gel polish, you need a special tool, cotton pads and foil. Experienced craftsmen, as a rule, use special silicone caps. However, beginners can do with a simpler option.


A tool that prepares the nail plate for applying gel polish, leveling the surface. There are 2 types of database:

1. The usual. Suitable for preparing healthy nails for manicure. The liquid consistency of the product allows you to apply a very thin layer of the base. The disadvantage of the product is the frequent detachment of gel polish for no apparent reason.

2. Rubber. The consistency is thicker, denser. Allows you to cover the nail plate with a dense and reliable protective layer. It is recommended to all manicure masters without exception.


A degreaser that provides better adhesion of gel polish to the nail plate.


A finishing coating that protects the gel polish from chipping, wiping, discoloration. Experts recommend taking the base, top and primer of the same company so that they complement each other as much as possible.

Lint-free napkins

Do not leave traces on the nail coating. They are indispensable when applying gel polish.

A tool for removing the sticky sticky layer

After drying in the lamp, a dispersion layer is formed on the nails. The degreasing liquid helps to remove it and prepare the plate for the next stage of work.

Finally, we want to give a couple of tips before buying. First, you should choose only a proven online store, so as not to run into unscrupulous sellers. Secondly, do not hesitate to look into the sale sections and buy promotional items. They are no worse in quality. Manufacturers often reduce the cost in order to increase profits and attract new customers. Thirdly, buying all the material in one place, there is a chance to get a good wholesale discount. For example, in our Fiore online store, the discount program starts from the first 15,000 rubles and increases in proportion to the volume of the basket. In addition, experienced sales consultants will help the novice master to make a choice and advise high-quality materials at an affordable price.