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cleaner bag

cleaner bag


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Almost every beauty salon and medical facility has craft bags for sterilization. They contribute to the greater preservation of the sterility of the tools used, and in addition, "show" the client that the tools are in proper hygienic condition.

A kraft bag is a product made of thick paper and, depending on the manufacturer, has a whitish or light brown color. At the same time, the raw material chosen for the production of the package is important, because it gives it unique characteristics:

1. The package itself "breathes", i.e. oxygen passes quietly through its walls, but various microbes are not allowed inside.

2. Although the craft bag is vapor-permeable, it is sealed inside.

3. Excellent for autoclave processing, as the paper is waterproof.

4. Craft paper has high heat resistance.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

In the process of performing a manicure, the master works with the nail plate and cuticle. After such work, there is always dust and dirt, the inhalation of which can negatively affect the health, especially if the client has diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, each specialist must have a small vacuum cleaner for manicure with garbage bags made of a special dense fabric. It is worth paying attention to some general requirements and recommendations in this regard:

1. The dust should easily get into the bag, without lingering on the surface and not sprayed around.

2. The bag must have a reliable seam to be able to stretch it in the washing machine.

3. The elastic band on the "neck" should be of high quality, so that it does not tear and does not allow dust to fly out.

4. The density of the fabric should be good, so that the dust does not seep through the walls.