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cat eyes magnet

cat eyes magnet

Designed to create a coating that resembles a Cat's eye stone. Gives the widest scope for imaginatio..

80.00 руб. 150.00 руб.

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Manicure is not only an indicator of the well-groomed and beautiful woman, but also indicates her personality and, sometimes, temperament. Unique nail design - the desire of every girl for perfection.

Increasingly, as a variety when performing manicure, "Cat's Eye" is used - this is a gel polish containing metallized components that are given different shapes when exposed to them with a special magnet. As with other coatings, "Cat's Eye" is presented in several color shades, and its application on the nail plate does not require any specific skills and technologies.

Type of gel polish for magnetic manicure

To achieve such beauty, use the gel polish "Cat's Eye", which simulates the effect of the mineral stone chrysoberyl. Another feature of this composition is the fact of color transfusion, if you look at the nail from different angles. This effect can be achieved by the metal particles contained in the gel polish, as well as a special magnet that acts on these particles. At the same time, the use of a magnet will allow you to get not only primitive patterns (lines, stripes, etc.), but also relatively serious drawings (stars, spheres, waves, etc.).

What are the magnets for cat lacquers?

The chosen type of magnet depends on what kind of pattern will be on the nails. To date, you can "meet" a large variety of different magnets, but it is worth highlighting only three of them:

1. Rectangular. They are used to create simple drawings, such as lines, or when creating a jacket.

2. Round. It is used to create round elements or smooth lines (straight or curved).

3. Magnetic handles. With these magnets, you can create more complex patterns, such as flowers or "snakeskin".


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