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Nail file

Sponge file 10pcs

Sponge file 10pcs

Buff mini, designed for polishing both natural and artificial nails...

50.00 руб. 100.00 руб.

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Nail files differ from each other primarily in the type of material from which they are made. Let's look at these differences in more detail.

Disposable files. They are made of dense multi-layer cardboard, sometimes foam is used. A small crumb of quartz, Teflon or granite is applied to the surface. These files can often be found in salons. A very important point: they can not be washed and sterilized, such procedures will lead to their soaking and damage, because disposable files can not withstand the effects of high temperature and moisture. That is why the manicure master uses it only once and he always has a spare set. Low cost allows you to keep files in constant stock. There are also disposable plastic and wooden files, and although they are more durable than cardboard or foam, they are also not recommended to be sterilized.
However, wood-based files can be disinfected using special liquid solutions, but this should not be done in salons. But at home you can. Saws made of wood have a rigid structure, which means they are less susceptible to bending, and they are very convenient to use.
Metal nail files. Very durable in use, sometimes serve for several years. They are used for filing nails that are layered and broken, you can not, otherwise you can do even more harm. But with extended nails with metal files, you can safely work. Every specialist should keep such a nail file at hand. It can also withstand any type of sterilization, including in a dry Cabinet.
Glass nail file. They were loved by many experts. They are more gentle for nails, carefully cope with filing plates, help to carefully make the necessary length. Like metal, glass nail files can be disinfected by any method, because the special glass used to create it can withstand the influence of high temperatures and chemicals.
Ceramic nail file. If the client's legs are thin, flaky or break off, then the ceramic tool is perfect. They can be used to file natural nails, without the risk of delamination. Also, you can treat the skin around the nail plates, ceramics for these purposes is quite soft.
Laser nail file. This is an innovation in the world of beauty industry. Although there were laser nail files not so long ago, they have already earned huge popularity, especially when it comes to layered nails. The nail file seems to seal the edges of the nail, due to which they maintain a healthy appearance and stop flaking.


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