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brush for nail

brush for nail

brush for nail..

25.00 руб. 30.00 руб.

brush for nail

brush for nail

173, brush for nail, , 45 руб., D144, , Materials..

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Stem Ping 2

Stem Ping 2

Stem Ping 2Stamping for nails is a technique that allows you to transfer a wide variety of patterns ..

200.00 руб. 300.00 руб.

шапочка одноразовая

шапочка одноразовая

шапочка одноразовая..

10.00 руб. 20.00 руб.

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With the development of the nail industry, the number of masters working in this field is growing rapidly. As a rule, the prices for their services are very high, so many girls and women do manicures at home. What is needed for this? Experience, savvy, and a set of specific tools.

Tools for home manicure
Not everyone is familiar with the full list of tools that are necessary for manicure. Many of the girls and women have at their disposal only a nail file, scissors and gel Polish. However, comprehensive care requires a wider range of materials. It is worth noting that a certain type of manicure requires its own set of tools. But we will note the most basic and necessary.
1. Scissors (tweezers). They will help to correct the length of the nails, to cope with burrs. This can also include a knipser-a tool for removing unnecessary elements from the nail plate.
2. Pusher and sticks. They are used to soften the cuticle, as well as to apply a gel remover. These tools are especially important at home because they reduce the risk of nail injury.
3. Soaking bath. This is an ordinary deep container in which the cuticle is soaked with water and soap solution.
4. Nail file. The most used tool both in salons and at home. It is desirable to have in the Arsenal of nail files with different roughness.
5. Buff. This is a nail file made of soft material. It polishes the nails, giving them smoothness.
6. Liquid for manicure. This is a tool for removing old coatings from the surface of the nail. It is usually used to remove regular or gel Polish.
7. Foil. Helps remove old resistant coating.
8. Degreaser. They process the nail before applying it to the base and subsequent material. Improves adhesion to the surface, which makes the gel Polish last much longer.
9. Base coat for gel Polish. It is applied to improve the stability of the manicure and protects the nail from getting into its structure of coloring elements. In addition, the base helps hide small cracks, strengthen the nail plate.
10. The gel varnishes. There are a lot of brands that produce nail coating materials. To work at home, it is advisable not to save on unknown manufacturers, but to buy proven companies. After all, this directly affects the quality of the work performed and the duration of the effect.
11. The top coating. This is a composition for finishing the nail. Gives a unique look to the nail, provides gloss.
12. Lamp for manicure. Used for drying gel Polish already applied to the nail. Lamps come in different firms and types, you need to choose a simpler, but no less high-quality manicure at home. Professional lamps are usually expensive.
These are the main tools that girls and women use when working on a manicure at home. It should be remembered that the quality of a manicure depends not only on the set of tools, but also on how well you take care of your nails.


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