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Hard wipes for manicure

Hard wipes for manicure

size (40 x 60 mm)Dry lint-free wipes are used to remove the upper sticky dispersion layer from gel-c..

150.00 руб. 280.00 руб.

Napkins small package 50 pcs

Napkins small package 50 pcs

Napkins small package 50 pcs size (40 x 60 mm)Dry lint-free wipes are used to remove the upper ..

30.00 руб.

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To do a manicure at home, you must have sets of brushes and nail files, varnishes, and much more. It should be noted and manicure napkins, because despite the fact that they appeared relatively recently, have already become actively used not only in homes, but also in beauty salons. 
Many experts note the usefulness of lint-free napkins. The main scope of their application is to clean the old nail Polish. Cotton pads are not as effective as wipes. Discs leave small hairs on the nail plates, which later interfere with applying a new coating. 
Main purpose: 
Used to remove the old artificial coating. 
Before applying the base coat, it is necessary to clean the nails from greasy Shine and other possible contaminants. 
Removing the sticky layer from the surface of the gel Polish. 
Used as a light disinfectant for tools used in manicure. 
Napkins are made of soft material and look like small squares. Initially, they were conceived and used only for working with gel Polish, because poorly visible small hairs that remained after cotton pads made it difficult for the masters to work. These shortcomings were discovered only after the base coating was applied to the nails. Because of this, the specialist often had to do the work again, because if you leave even one hair, it could provoke the destruction of the manicure after a short period of time. Napkins for manicure do not leave any traces and hairs, so after processing them, you can safely start the procedure. They do not break up after getting wet, so they can be soaked in various special means. Using nail wipes at home is very convenient and practical. 
Advantages of napkins without lint: 
Good indicators of moisture absorption. 
They consist of eco-friendly and safe materials. 
They have a variety of shapes and sizes, different densities, so you can choose the napkin that is more suitable for your purposes. 
They are not hypoallergenic, which does not allow the appearance and development of various ailments. 
The process of creating a manicure becomes faster and easier. 
Does not leave any fibers, because the material is resistant to delamination. 
Quite economical consumption. So, one large package is enough for a long period of time


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