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Order gel polish

On the pages of our website you can always order gel varnishes of excellent Italian quality at the best price. This type of nail coating is increasingly becoming the choice of thousands of girls who want to give their hands a flawless look.

Gel Polish is a composition that combines the usual effect of varnish and the durability and gloss of the gel. The time during which the gel Polish confidently stays on the nails is 2-3 weeks, and in some cases even more.

Gel Polish became popular not so long ago, but every day it becomes more and more popular. At one time, the appearance of gel Polish in the beauty industry was a real hype. In the blink of an eye, almost all manufacturers added gel Polish to their range and, thus, supported the new product. And consumers were just delighted with the advantages of this tool: in addition to a long service life, the gel Polish is easy to apply and remove (and you can do it yourself at home), has a flawless appearance.

In addition, if you order gel varnishes on our website, you will get an excellent alternative to conventional gel or varnish.

It is worth going through the main advantages of gel Polish separately:

- easy to apply, just like regular nail Polish;

- the durability of the coating is more than 14 days;

- despite including the properties of the varnish, the gel Polish is removed as easily as a regular gel;

- the ability to remove not only sawdust, but also the removal liquid;

- strengthens and smoothes the weak nail plate;

- has a large number of shades in its assortment;

- high gloss effect is maintained throughout the entire service life;

- under the applied gel Polish, it is possible to apply various medical materials (IBX).

Fiore materials are of high quality and affordable price. You can order gel lacquers of the Italian brand on the pages of our online store. This product does not have a sharp smell, it is applied in a single layer, which saves time for yourself or working with the client.

To appreciate the benefits of gel Polish, do not start with the cheapest options, if you are just starting to work with this tool. The Fiore brand is suitable for both professionals and ordinary consumers, and there is no doubt about the quality of these materials. On our website, you can not only order gel polishes, but also choose a convenient delivery service and payment method.

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