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We guarantee a refund or exchange of goods if you do not like the product in quality.

All products are carefully tested by our specialists upon receipt, each batch passes quality control. 

That is why we are 100% confident in Fiore's European products and guarantee its quality.

Exchange and refund

Exchange and return of products is made at the place of purchase. If you purchased a product from our partner, you must provide it for exchange or return to the place of purchase.

It is also possible to refund or exchange the product for another or similar one, as agreed.

The buyer has the right to return the product if the following conditions are met:

The refund is made no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

The warranty period for this product has not expired (the warranty period is specified on the website, on the page of this product, the warranty period is calculated from the moment of receipt of the product by the buyer).

The product has retained its appearance and consumer properties.

All labels, tags, and packaging are saved on the product.

Return policy:

Sending a return of the product is made by the same delivery method or in agreement with the store Manager and the cost of delivery should not exceed the cost of delivering the product to the buyer.

When returning, the refund of the shipping cost is taken into account 

if the order amount was more than 2500 rubles, we paid for the delivery at our own expense, in the case of a refund, the buyer reimburses the shipping cost, because the order amount becomes less.

if the cost of delivery was 190 rubles and we partially compensated the cost of delivery, in the case of a refund, the buyer will refund the cost of compensation when paying for the return of the order. In this case, the full cost of delivery to the buyer is calculated minus the paid delivery amount of 190 rubles and the buyer pays the difference in the delivery price.

Non-warranty cases:

Careless handling (for example, mechanical damage caused by a fall or impact);

Use of the product for other than its intended purpose; 

Exposure to external factors that are not compatible with the product's performance in the future (for example, liquid spillage, etc.).);

Incorrect transportation and storage of goods

You can contact the Manager with a question or complaint to our phone number 8-800-201-32-19, or to the online consultant on the website.

Write to the Director info@fiore-rus.ru

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