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Beauty salon

A wide variety of products and price categories, ease of ordering, quality service and fast delivery.

Here you will find a wide variety of consumables:

* Gel varnishes

* Tops

* Databases

* Primers

* Tips

* Sliders

* Rhinestones

* Rubs

And of course, you will always find all the necessary equipment for your manicure and pedicure masters. We have absolutely everything! From brushes and nail files to lamps, vacuum cleaners, disinfectants, and of course, manicure machines.

We do not have a minimum order amount, you can make an order for absolutely any amount! Having tried Fiore gel varnishes once, you will want to make a large-scale order and provide the salon masters with everything they need.

Our consultants will always help you with good advice, and tell you where to start, and which positions are the most popular. You can contact us by calling the hotline, Viber, Vacap, Telegram, and you will always be warmly welcomed, told about all the subtleties and help to place an order. Do not skimp on the material, the quality of our products exceeds the price, and you will fall in love with Fiore forever.

We will always please you with discounts and promotions that are updated every day on our website.

If you have recently opened a beauty salon, or have been working for many years, but want to breathe new life into your business, and want to find something really worthwhile, high-quality and reliable, Fiore is your only way to what you want. The quality has been tested for years and meets European standards, impeccable covering ability and shine. Sometimes it seems as if the materials themselves know their place, and are ready to do the work without the participation of your masters!

A beauty salon is a place whose success depends on the quality of the services provided and the number of smiles of satisfied customers. No advertising, bright signage and PR program will give the desired effect as much as it is achieved by good customer reviews, the professionalism of the master and high-quality materials. Of course, first of all, professionalism and attitude to high-quality work of the salon employees themselves are important. But a qualitative result cannot be achieved by cheap means and methods. Here you need to find your own line of materials used that will meet all the requirements, and at the same time save your money.

Fiore online store will satisfy all your needs.

See for yourself, and after the first order, your beauty salon and our online store will become reliable partners!

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