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Present professional gel lacquers Fiore Italian origin designed Milano Design Studio. Products Fiore has the highest quality of European standards, using the best ingredients, giving a stable and bright vivid colors. Apply high-quality pigments, the color remains bright during the whole time of use, has good hiding power.

The Fiore Trademark belongs to limited liability company Gran (LLC Gran), production is made on a contract basis in the European Union.

"Fiore" in Italian means flower, the personification of beauty, color and beauty.

Specialists of our company create the best in the branch testifying to creativity which is not limited by way, and is born thanks to continuous work in the field of researches and technological developments.

Our products have

The best price (Special offer available for you now)

A large amount of the product (Package of 12 ml)

European quality (For the production we use only high-quality raw materials for the full cycle of quality control)

uv / led gel varnishes are now very popular not only among fans, but also in professional use at masters of manicure and pedicure, we are ready to offer you a qualitative and available product, with the most convenient for you service and information support.

gel varnishes Fiore is a quality European product.

The advantage of working with gel varnishes Fiore reflected in the time of application, this excellent material allows you to do the application in one layer, it is self-leveling, which allows you to significantly save time for the procedure, thereby saving you both time and time of the client. Lucky Fiore gel does not have an unpleasant odor, it simplifies your work and makes it comfortable to work with the client.

It is important to understand that the materials is Your reputation, it is not only the quality of services That you provide, because the quality depends on the materials with which you work, if you work with questionable materials, and the quality of work can be doubtful, because it is not only your professionalism, you can let any cheap component. Poor quality material can not only spoil the reputation of the master, but also damage the health of the client.

We understand that good material can not be cheap and sold in stalls.

Many novice masters or Amateurs make a mistake starting to work on cheap materials, learn and work only on high-quality materials. It does not matter whether you are a professional or an Amateur, if you want your work to be of high quality, you need to work on quality materials.

Your clients see that you work with the European product as which it is not necessary to doubt, You can show to clients the certificate and be proud that you work with modern European materials, instead of the Chinese varnishes which sell in each case for Housewives, fans to save and experiment with inexpensive materials.

To place an order from our site is very simple, all orders from 2500 rubles delivered free of charge and very quickly, there is a choice of delivery services (SDEK, pickpoint, boxberry, Russian post, courier), on the website, you can pay for your order, but you can pay upon receipt, as they can buy related materials, nail files, napkins and much more, it is very convenient.

You can also buy gel lucky Fiore from our representatives.

Sincerely, Fiore rus

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