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+7-920-060-24-02 Пн-пт с 8 до 19 по Московскому времени


We provide stores with the best conditions for purchases

We provide a variety of consumables:

* Gel varnishes

* Tops

* Databases

• Primers

• Polihale

• Acrylic powder

• Cobwebs

• Sliders

• Pastes

• Rubs

* Other liquids.

A wide range, where the quality is several times higher than the price. Our consultants will always advise you on the best positions and materials that are in high demand. You will finally be able to forget about your worries and be confident in the quality of products provided by Your own store.

In addition, our online store has a wide selection of tools that are so necessary for every manicure store:

* Files

• Brushes

• Palettes

• Disinfectors

• Hoovers

• Light

• Machines for manicure

• Cutters

• Other tools

There are many different stores in the world that specialize in selling professional manicure materials. But some stores are half full of goods from budget Chinese factories. This approach brings a small profit, because the cost of the product and quality are very low. If you want every representative of a beauty salon, every private manicure master in the city to be ready to come just for the sake of Your store, you just need to fill it with high-quality material and equipment.

Fiore online store will be happy to provide You with all this. Our products meet all European standards of quality and safety, which makes it an exclusive product on the market for manicure. A well-established supply will not make you wait long, and in the shortest possible time will provide you with this high-quality product.

Your store will sparkle with new colors, and the flow of customers will only increase. After evaluating the quality, nail artists will pass each other information about the store where they get the material. Beauty salons will make pre-orders.

We will be happy to arrange any volume of deliveries and provide you with individual conditions. And all this is just for You!

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