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Как купить набор

1) добавляем в корзину выбранный набор 10, 50, 100, 200 шт

2) при оформлении заказа указываем  номера в набор в комментарии к заказу (если Вы не указали номера, мы свяжемся с Вами и уточним выбранные Вами номера в набор)

Внимание ! если добавлять отдельно каждый гель лак, то сумма в корзине будет как за покупку их по отдельности (не набором), важно оформить заказ именно на набор.

For building up

forms for building 50 pieces

forms for building 50 pieces

Forms are special templates, with the use of which a layer of gel or acrylic is laid on natural nail..

100.00 руб. 150.00 руб.

forms for building 50 pieces Big

forms for building 50 pieces Big

Forms are special templates, with the use of which a layer of gel or acrylic is laid on natural nail..

120.00 руб. 170.00 руб.

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Nail extension is a procedure that corrects minor defects in the surface of the nail plate or artificially increases its length.

What can be included in the set of tools for this procedure

1. UV lamp. It will be needed to dry the finish coating (gel polish, acrylic) and to prevent possible fungal infections on the fingers.

2. Nail files. When choosing a nail file, the master should pay attention to such nuances as:

- form;

- the material from which the file is made;

- the functions that it performs (for example, polishing or grinding);

- for what type of nails it is intended (natural or artificial);

- hardness (abrasiveness).

2. Pusher, or scraper. With its help, the specialist moves the cuticle when he needs to get to hard-to-reach parts of the nail plate. Pushers can be square, oval, or semicircular.

3. Brushes for modeling. It is desirable that the pile on them is made of synthetic materials and has good rigidity.

4. Tips are special molds that imitate a natural nail. Without them, it is almost impossible to do, if we are talking about nail extensions. Tips are quite versatile in their choice, they come in different sizes, shades, and shapes.

In addition to the above, the extension kit can include four-sided buffs, gels, primers, cuticle treatment oils, molds, degreasers, lint-free wipes, and a finish coating.

We should also mention the means for sterilization. It is necessary to disinfect not only the tools, but also the workplace. A clean, comfortable place will help to win the trust of the client, increase the reputation of the salon and allow the master to work calmly.


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