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Gel Polish firm

Gel Polish firm

Gel Polish is a type of material in manicure that combines nail Polish and gel coating. In order for the gel Polish to dry and polymerize, you must use special UV equipment or an LED lamp. On average, the nail coating lasts for two weeks, but much depends on the type of nail and the firm of gel Polish that is used.

Reasons for the popularity of gel Polish.

The appearance of this coating on the market has opened up new ways to develop nail art. Almost immediately, all manufacturers picked up the concept of gel Polish and began to actively produce these products. It is very convenient to apply and keeps perfectly on the nails, especially often it is used at home. Due to its simplicity and good aesthetic appearance, beginners or Amateurs actively use it for manicure.

In comparison with conventional nail Polish, gel Polish dries much faster, but you need to use a special lamp.

Our online store offers to buy gel Polish company "Fiore". These are high-quality products that have all the necessary certificates and licenses. We work directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries and resale.

There is an opinion that gel Polish is harmful to nails. This is not true. There are cases of premature cracking and peeling of the coating, but this depends on the type of nail and the quality of the composition.

Advantages of the gel Polish company "Fiore".

1. Easy and easy to apply.

2. The service life of more than 2-3 weeks.

3. it is much easier to Remove than an ordinary gel.

4. For removal, you can use this tool to remove old coatings or sawdust.

5. lighter and" harmless " material for building up.

6. Has a large number of different shades.

7. it Has a high-gloss gloss that lasts for the entire service life.

8. Strengthens weak nails.

9. Under the gel Polish you can apply different healing compositions.

10. easy to remove at home.

The only drawback is that special equipment is required for drying the coating, namely a UV or LED lamp. However, if you buy it, you can do a manicure at home for several years.

To order a gel Polish company "Fiore" you need to leave a request on our website or contact us at the phone numbers listed in the header of the site.

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