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Set for gel Polish to buy

What a woman looks like has always been important, not just now. Appearance has played and continues to play a huge role, and now all women in the world strive to be well-groomed and attractive. Women pay special attention to their hands. Well-groomed fingers with a beautiful manicure are a kind of business card of every woman. A monthly manicure ritual has become mandatory, because it gives your hands a well-groomed look and makes them even more feminine.

Some women prefer to regularly visit beauty salons, trusting their hands only to professionals. But there are also those who do their own manicure at home. This is important, especially when you consider that all the necessary materials can be purchased in online stores. Such trading platforms include ours. To buy a gel Polish kit, you only need to make a few clicks, choose a convenient delivery service and payment method.

To make a manicure made at home look professional, on the pages of our online store we offer you to get acquainted with a wide range of cosmetic products of the highest quality.

You can buy a basic (starter) set for gel Polish in our online store.

The simplest set includes the following tools •

* LED or UF lamp (drying lamp);

• Multiple color lacquers;

• Degreaser, i.e. disinfectant;

* Base coat (gel Polish base);

* Top (finish coating);

• Liquid for removing gel Polish;

* Liquid for removing the sticky layer from the nail plate.

The above is the basis for creating the perfect manicure, but this is not all that is required for successful work. Do not forget that in the Arsenal of a woman should have several nail files with different types of stiffness, nail scissors or cuticle tongs, orange sticks and other important devices.

By purchasing our cosmetic products, you get high European quality from the Italian brand "Fiore". Our specialists constantly monitor news from the world of the nail industry, so the products presented on the pages of our online store are always in trend. Whether you are a professional or a regular consumer, you will definitely find something useful from our range. It is important that our client is satisfied and constantly contacted us in the future.

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